5 Foolproof Decorating Tips For Your Home

Actually, professional home decorators know well about how they have to use strengths of your house by hiding its flaws, and make it more attractive and appealing to everyone. Here in this article, we are discussing some decorating tips that you can apply by yourself to make your house look more attractive:

Set front door’s Tone

If you want to make a good impression on guests coming to your home, start by toning your front door. Check its paint, if it needs a fresh painting do it, otherwise you can apply a gloss to it. You can also opt for some funky colors, like blue, green, red and yellow for making your house even more attractive.

Prefer to Keep Light and Neutral Wall shades

Another thing which you should consider while decorating your home is to keep walls of your home light. You can opt for colors like light brown, cream or gray, particularly on the walls of the first floor, where the expected traffic rate is high. If you will have neutral color walls in your home, it will allow you have supreme decoration flexibility that allows you to easily change up your accessories.

Hang Mirror in Every Room

Use of mirrors in home decoration is very important, it will make your room look brighter as they reflect the light all around your room. But if you place a mirror in wrong place, even by mistake it will give a bad impression, so be very careful while selecting the right place to hang mirrors. If you will hang the mirror directly opposite a window it will bounce the light out the window again, that will look bad.

Hang artwork on Your Wall

If you are going to hang any painting picture on the wall, they prefer to hang it on appropriate height. Because if you will hang a small picture too high on the wall it will definitely look ridiculous. Always prefer to hang the picture at your eye level. But if you have tall height people in the house then you should prefer to hang it on average of their heights.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you love to place unique decoration pieces or antique lamps in your house, then you should prefer to use Himalayan salt lamps wholesale. These lamps and actually dig deep by miners who use to work below the surface of the earth in the salt mines of Himalaya. These type of lamps are specially made for these workers as they spend their days in a saturated environment along with negative ions, that’s naturally released by Himalayan Salt.

You can buy these salt lamps to use them in your home decorations, you can simply place them on the side tables or shelves. They are also good for our health as we all breathe in air that is polluted with ions that are negative and positive, and for maintaining a healthy atmosphere, these salt lamps will help you to balance out these negative and positive ions.