What You Can Learn from 1920s Street Fashion

Whenever we talk about the street fashion trends of 90’s or 60’s era the most interesting thing is to see how often people use to change their clothes in just one day. They prefer to have outfit for every single occasion, every kind of event, and every type of party. Just imagine you have these type of clothing then there will be huge wardrobe just about the size of your entire room. Mostly people use to feel cranky if they have keep on changing clothes even twice a day. Actually each type of clothing that were worn in a 1920s closet use to had a definite set of guidelines on which it was prescribed that where you have to wear these clothes. Here in this article we are discussing about the 1920’s street fashion that’s coming back in trends these days, so before following the street fashion trends its very important that you know each and everything about it.

1920s Women’s Home Dress

Home is actually a place where everyone want to feel relaxed and comfortable. Because that’s a place where we all want to be relaxed and comfortable so its really important to do a soft and casual dressing. Mostly housewives use to wear simple cotton dress, flat shoes and thick black cotton stockings. Texture of dresses could be in the form of checks, colorful plaids, solid and dark colors with attractive embroidery and stripes just like as lace. House dresses often had white collars. A woman’s apron was usually handmade.

Street Wear, Outing Clothes

Obviously when housewives chores were finished then it will be time to do some work until her husband comes to home back. Clothing will definitely be simple but they prefer to wear some higher quality fabric other than simple cotton prints. You can opt to wear a simple skirt with a plain blouse and sweater that should be paired with a mid-heel.  And you can also wear a tailored dress that is made up of a silk blend crepe or similar to wool fabric will also be appropriate.

The Hat:

Other than that women’s of 1920 era use to wear a simple hats that look really gorgeous and attractive on therm. They prefer to wear these hats every time they go outside. They prefer to wear these hats at parties, events and other functions. But some women make these hats a summer accessories to protect them from sun heat, and these hats were made up of woven straw, and cotton and for winter season they prefer to wear hats made up of felt or the one that is hand sewn.

Church Clothing

Basically women’s of 1920’s era use to have a special clothing designed for church. Just like they use to wear special dressing for street wear in the same they use to have a special dresses for their regular church visits. They prefer to wear simple, non-distracting dress. To go to church they should wear hat, and gloves that should be matching with their purse.